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Be Optimus Day..

Today's ACSJ Teacher's Day celebration and in conjunction with that, the school is celebrating 'Be Yourself Day' which is actually one of The New Paper's branding event. On BYD, the students are able to come dressed in any costumes that best express their personalities..it is also a charity event as students are also encouraged to make a donation to help TNP raise funds for the President's Charity.

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RYODA FIC: Chapter 2: Mizuki
Title: Mizuki (Chapter 2)

Pairing: RYODA

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: MPREG, Masturbation

Summary: Ueda got pregnant but Ryo told him to get rid of the child.

Disclaimer: I don't own any Johnny Entertainment artists..


Ryo took another shot of tequila and felt his throat burn from the intoxicating liquor. He felt himself getting drunk and was having a blast getting wasted. It was a night to celebrate for getting a new job at last. The previous company he worked for was slowly going bankrupt and he was not going to stick around as the ship slowly sinks into the sea.

After grabbing another bottle of beer, he headed back to his friends who were surrounded with women dressed in skimpy dresses and high platform heels. He rolled his eyes when he saw his friend, Akanishi Jin flirting shamelessly. He went back to his table and saw Uchi was gone. Ryo frowned and looked across the dance floor but still no sight of his boyfriend.

He slouched on the leather seat, sipping his drink with a heavy feeling in his heart. Ryo tapped Akanishi on his shoulder and asked where the hell Uchi was.

“Eh?” Jin replied, looking confused, “Err, I don’t know…he was gone for quite some time…”

The non-assuring tone of Jin’s voice made Ryo worried. He took his phone and messaged Uchi, telling him where he was and asked him to come find him. Uchi only came back an hour later with a grin on his face as though was amiss, which made Ryo grew aggravated.

“Where the hell were you?” Ryo asked angrily.

“Eh? I bumped into some old classmates and we talked.” Uchi replied, “Why the hell are you angry about?”

“You don’t understand, do you?” Ryo retorted back sulkily, crossing his arms over his chest. “Tonight is supposed to be my celebration and you left me for over an hour!”

“Seriously, you’re like a child.” Uchi stood up, “I can’t deal with you anymore.”

Ryo looked at his partner leaving the club in puzzlement. He gave a long sigh and followed Uchi. He managed to catch up to him outside the club and grabbed his arm.

“Hold on dammit.” Ryo yelled.

“WHAT?!” Uchi shouted, yanking his arm free.

“You can’t be serious? What do you mean when you said that you can’t deal with me anymore?” Ryo asked. Uchi simply shook his head in defeat and decided to dish Ryo the cold hard truth.

“The thing is, I don’t love you as much as I did before. You are so childish sometimes that I can’t tolerate it. You should know I’m an impatient person. And truthfully, I’ve been seeing someone for the past 2 months. I’m sorry Ryo, you need to grow up.” Uchi told him bluntly.

“WHAT?!” Ryo replied with a shriek. He felt his head getting dizzy and it was not from the alcohol.

“I’ll move out tomorrow. I’m sorry Ryo, I think we were better as best friends. Goodnight.” Uchi gave his last words, turned his back and walked away, leaving Ryo at the cold pavement of Shibuya.

Ryo couldn’t believe it. Uchi dumped him. HIM! And he was seeing someone else behind his back for TWO MONTHS. Ryo placed his hand over his chest, trying to steady himself. In the taxi on his way home, Ryo’s eyes were filled with tears of sadness and humiliation. The heartbreaking love song on the radio did not make him feel any better. In fact, he felt worst.

The next morning, he rolled out of his lonely bed and got ready for his first day of work. He should be excited about his new job but Ryo just could not find in himself to rejoice this new chapter of his life. All he wanted was to bury himself in his bed and isolate himself from the world. He could not believe that he invested so much on his relationship with Uchi only to be left broken-hearted in the end. He thought Uchi was THE ONE.

I guess not…

When he reached the entrance of his office building, Ryo took a moment to admire the tall structure. He made up his mind to do his best in his new job and he will prove to those who doubted him.

“When one door closes, another one opens.” He said to himself before walking through the automatic glass doors. With strong determination in mind, he would make the best out of his depressing situation.

He was taken to an office and a few minutes later, a man in his late thirties came in and seat across to him from the desk.

“Let’s see…Nishikido Ryo. Born in 1984. Previous job experiences, 3 years as a columnist for Playboy Magazine.” The interviewer raised his brow.

“Yes Sir.”

The interviewer paused and scanned Ryo’s resume again before proceeding to ask more questions.

“You do know that being an Editor is a pressing job with tight datelines…And editing a novel is different than a…magazine.”

“Yes Sir, I understand.”

“Fortunately for you, one of our Editors for our young star novelist resigned due to serious terminal illness…”

“I’m sorry to hear that, Sir. But I will do my best to assist that writer in every way.” Ryo said with determination in his eyes.

“Okay then, welcome to Love Scripts, Mr Nishikido. I’m Nagase, senior staff from HR department. Come, I’ll take you to the Editorial department now.”

Ryo followed him, looking around and taking in his new surroundings while Nagase explained to him about the company.

“Since you’re under the Editorial department, your Head is Takizawa-san. We also have the Arts department which is headed by Tsubasa-san. The Sales and Marketing department is headed by Yokoyama-san, who is the youngest Head of Department. The HR department is headed by Nakai and Nakamaru-san is in charge of the IT department. Lastly, the Domoto Brothers are head of Printing.”

He stopped and turned to Ryo, gesturing to the door with the word “Editorial” frosted on it. Nagase turned the knob and entered the room with Ryo tagging behind him. As he entered the

office space of the Editorial department, Ryo’s eyes widened at the lush décor. One word to describe the office was, “garden-y”.

The sun shone brightly through the white curtain and the room was filled with the breeze of spring. Bright flowers of daisies, roses, lavender and sunflowers were splayed in clear rounded glass vases on the desks and window sills, sending a overwhelmed feeling in Ryo.

What the hell…

Ryo saw a man, much taller than him, seated at a desk at the centre far end of the room. He had brown hair and was quite good looking in Ryo’s opinion. There was an aura of charisma

surrounding the man. The tall man stood up and greeted Nagase warmly.

“Nagase-san, is this the new guy?”He asked.

“Yup! Nishikido-san, this is your boss, Takizawa Hideaki-san.”

Ryo was startled, not expecting the man standing in front of him to be the Head of Editorial Department.

“Ah! I’m sorry.” Ryo bowed formally, “Nice to meet you Takizawa-san, I’m Nishikido Ryo.”

“Glad to have you in the Editorial team.” Takizawa-san greeted politely with a smile.

“Tackey, I’ll leave it to you. I need to get back to my office.” Nagase said, taking his leave. Ryo suddenly felt that he was on his own and a small seed of anxiety spurted in his chest.

“Your desk is the middle one, in between Tegoshi-kun and Ninomiya-kun. From this day onwards, you will be U.Tsuki’s editor. I advise you to read the author’s previous novels to better understand the writing style.” Takizawa explained, handing him a stack of books.

“Yes, I most definitely will.” Ryo replied, trying to balance the books in his arms.

“And Tsuki-san’s dateline is 3 months from now. Make sure you keep your author on time. We will be publishing Tsuki-san’s novels in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. Okay~! That’s all for now. I’ll email your author, informing that you start working today. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.” Takizawa-san explained with patience and kindness.

“Thank you. I’ll do my best.” Ryo replied graciously and walked to his empty desk, placing the heavy books gently on the wooden surface. He took a seat on the cushioned chair and started

reading the latest novel by his author.

“Rhodesia…” he read the title of the book, admiring the black leather cover and flipped to the first page.

It is sad not to be loved.

But it is much sadder not to be able to love

~ Miguel De Unamuno

Ryo pondered at the italic quote and he suddenly felt a pull on his heart. Being a man who was dumped the night before, he thought maybe reading a love novel about an unrequited love may soothe his sorrow.

Something always brings me back to you and it never takes too long. No matter what I say or do, I will still feel you here until the moment I was gone. You hold me without touch and keep me without chains.

I never wanted anything so much than to drown in your love and not feel your rain…

After reading the first paragraph, Ryo was intrigued and immersed himself deeply in the book.

The story was about a girl named Carina who fell in love with a married aristocrat, Lord Cain. Their love revolved around sex, lust, addiction and passion. Carina fell hopelessly in love with Cain not knowing he was married. She knew that he was no good for her. Carina thought she was strong enough to be without him but as soon as she garnered enough courage to walk away, Cain somehow was able to pull her back in. She did not want to fall for him again but she did.

The descriptive and eloquent words sucked Ryo into the Victorian era where England was on the brink of modern Industrialization and colonization.

He was so engrossed with the novel until he felt a tap on his shoulder, which made him jumped out of his skin. He looked up and saw a fellow, who looked slightly younger than him with perm brown hair.

“Hi, I’m Tegoshi. You must be the new editor. Its lunch time and I was thinking if you want to join me.” The young lad asked with a bright smile on his handsome face.

“Sure…” Ryo mumbled. He slid a bookmark on the page that he was reading and stood up, feeling his shoulders ached.

“So how was it?” Tegoshi asked, as they walked towards the elevator.

“How was what?”Ryo replied, confused by his colleague’s question.“The book. Tsuki-san’s books are amazing, right?”

“Yes, it is.” Ryo nodded in agreement, “I am impressed by how well-written it was. But, it’s a little too dark and angsty for my taste.”

Ryo’s opinion made Tegoshi laughed softly.

“Well, that is he’s speciality. Tsuki-san’s writing has always been relatable to female readers who experienced unrequited love. Previously, his writing was morbid but Aiba-kun, he’s previous Editor, always told him to lighten it up.” Tegoshi explained.

“Wait a minute, Tsuki-san is a man?” Ryo eyes widened, as they walked in the cafeteria and towards the queue to get their food.

“Of course! All our writers are men, even mine. U.Tsuki is his pen name. It’s for marketing purposes since most of our readers are female, it would be better for our consumers to relate to a romance novel that was written by one rather than a man.”

“I guess that made sense…” Ryo mumbled, looking over at the menu and decided to have Gyudon. “So who is your author?”

“Kato Shigeaki, also known as, Kat Shigemi. I’ve been working with him since I transferred from the Arts department 2 years ago.” Tegoshi said.

It was finally their turn to place their orders and as they waited for their food, Ryo continued talking to Tegoshi despite his shy disposition.

“So why did you transfer?” he asked the younger man.

“Well, you could say I suck at designing even though I love art.” Tegoshi gave a small laugh, “But I’m happier in the Editorial department now. Tackey-san is a nice boss and I love reading fantastic stories written by extremely talented writers.”

They picked up their lunch trays and sat down at a vacant table by the corner. They said their grace and eat their lunch heartily. Ryo definitely appreciate Tegoshi’s company. He would feel

miserable eating lunch alone at the new workplace.

“So, have you meet Tsuki-san before?” Ryo asked.

“Occasionally when he comes to the office…” Tegoshi replied, eating his egg roll.

“What kind of a person is he?”

Tegoshi pursed his lips, thinking deeply before answering him.

“Well, Tsuki-san is what you call, an Ikemen. Though he strongly disagrees with it, he’s actually good-looking and tall. He’s usually quiet but approachable. He’s humble, hardworking and is passionate about writing. You’re lucky to have him as your author. Shige complaints a lot but somehow, he still managed to meet datelines.” Tegoshi said

“And what right do you have to use that superior tone on me, my dear Editor?” a voice spoke and the 2 men looked up to see a tall man with short black hair.

“Ah! Shige. Why are you here today?” Tegoshi asked.

“Idiot, we have a meeting remember! About my draft.” Shige scolded lightly as he pulled a chair and sat down. “Hi, I’m Kato Shigeaki, Tegoshi’s Author. And you are?”

“Nishikido Ryo, Tsuki-san’s new Editor.”

“Oh! Nice to meet you.” Shige greeted, “Man…I didn’t know that they found Aiba’s replacement that fast…”

“Shige! Ryo is not a replacement!” Tegoshi exclaimed. “Ryo-chan, don’t listen to him. Underneath that big perverted brain of his, there’s actually nothing.”

“I could say the same about you Fluffy. I’m not the one who kept asking writers to be MORE DETAILED when it comes to sex scenes.” Shige retorted and Tegoshi quickly covered his mouth.

“I was just doing my job.” The young editor pouted, “Not my fault that you tend to be clumsy when it comes to writing lovemaking scenes in your novels.”

“There’s nothing wrong with my writing, it’s just that my editor is a closet pervert.” Shige said, eyeing Tegoshi teasingly. “I apologise Nishikido-san, it’s a pleasure to have you here in Love Script.”

“Uh..Thank you. Sorry but can I ask what happened to Aiba-san?” Ryo asked curiously, enjoying their banter.

“He has problems with his lungs and decided to focus on recovery. But it was Tackey-san who insisted that Aiba-san take care of his health. We were all worried for him, especially Tsuki-san…” Tegoshi trailed off.

“I see….Well, I promise that I will do my best for Tsuki-san and won't let him down." Ryo promised.

"I'm sure Tsuki-san will like you as much as I do." Tegoshi grinned, finishing up his noodles. "That was yummy."

"Let's go back to work. I can't wait to finish reading Rhodesia and Tsuki-san's other novels." Ryo got up, feeling more energised.

"Rhodesia? Ah... I read that before..." Shige said as he recalled the novel, “It’s a masterpiece. You should also read Le Ciel, Keep the Faith and Sadistic Love. Those are my favourite.”

Ryo took a mental note of Shige’s recommendations and together with Tegoshi and Shige, they walked back to their office and Ryo continued to bury himself with U.Tsuki’s novels while Tegoshi and Shige had their meeting with another man whom Ryo was unfamiliar with.

He picked up where he left off and divulged himself in the fictional world of Tsuki-san. Ryo’s eyes read lines after lines and when the story grew darker and lustful, he felt himself getting hard. He quickly bookmarked that said page which he knew would lead to something inappropriate to read on his first day of work. He flipped several pages and continued reading. Before he knew it, it was already 6pm. Ryo put down the novel and rubbed the tiredness from his eyes. He got up to go to the gents but Takizawa-san called him over.

“Nishikido-kun, how was Tsuki-san’s novel? I saw how engrossed you were with it the whole day.” Tackey asked teasingly.

“It was not quite I expected.” Ryo gave a nervous laugh, “Not the typical lovey dovey story. Even though it’s dark for my taste, I love how the author was able to describe the emotions of the main character without saying how she felt. The style of writing was… exquisite?”

“Exquisite?” Tackey echoed, raising his brow in curiosity. “That’s a unique choice of word to describe Tsuki-san’s writing.”

“Sorry if I don’t make sense but…underneath the angst and sinister outlook, the undertone of the plot is beautiful, elegent and fragile.” Ryo explained. Tackey smiled and patted Ryo on his shoulders.

“You understood Tsuki-san’s writing style. I’m impressed.” He said, walking back to this desk. “I’ve informed your author of you and he will be coming down tomorrow at 4pm to discuss with you about his drafts. That’s all for today, Nishikido-kun.”

“Thank you, Takizawa-san.” Ryo bowed deeply, “I’ll be taking the rest of Tsuki-san’s novels back home with me so I can continue reading. I believe it’s best if I am familiar with his published works. I hope you don’t mind…”

“Not at all.” Tackey waved his hand dismissing the formality Ryo displayed with a grin. “Just return them when you’re done reading.”

“Thank you. I’ll take my leave now. See you tomorrow.” Ryo said, bowing again and went back to his desk. He decided to take Shige’s recommended books and shoved them in his bag. He heaved it on his shoulder and bid his goodbye to Tegoshi and Shige.

Ryo drove back home, thinking to himself that his first day went alright. But he dreaded going to his apartment, thinking what if Uchi was there. But he shook away that thought and continued

driving. When he reached the door of his house, he blankly stared at the wooden entrance for a while, trying to garner enough courage.

With a shaky hand, he inserted the key and unlocked the door. Ryo switched on all the light and to his despair, he found most of Uchi’s belongings gone. He went over to his answering machine and as he expected, there were no messages for him.

From DVDs to guitars to clothes. The apartment was half-empty and so was Ryo’s heart.

He quickly stripped himself off his clothes and took a hot shower. Still feeling somewhat awake, Ryo took out the novels from his bag and went to his bedroom. As he laid in the comfort of his lonely bed and soft amber-lit room wearing only a bathrobe, he flipped to the page that he skipped previously in the office.

Again, Ryo was swept away but the hypotonic written-artistry of U.Tsuki. As the love scene got more explicit and intense, his hand languidly found himself rubbing the front of his soft cotton covered groin. He dipped his hand inside his robe and palmed his heavy testicles, caressing the base of his cock.

As Ryo read detailed description of Karina’s tightness around Cain’s manhood, he fisted his cock tighter and pumped it faster and harder. It was not long and he came on his hand, letting go of his stress and depression.

He raised his stained hand to his face and stared at it, feeling utterly pathetic and immoral. As much as he craved the company of his ex-lover, the person who satiated his desires that

night was another man.

A man named U.Tsuki...

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RYODA FIC: Chapter 2: Mizuki

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